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Majestic Beauty Spa now offers HCG Injections for weight loss! This revolutionary treatment helps you burn fat and keep it off. HCG has been shown to boost brain function, energy levels, and help speed up your metabolism. It also helps the body to grow and develop and helps with the healing process, since it shortens the time it takes to rebuild tissue, and helps muscles to grow.

HCG Shots

Many people use HCG for weight loss benefits. Using HCG for weight loss purposes will definitely get you on your way to your goal weight. Losing weight is all about burning off your body fat, but it can be difficult. When you are older, your body will hold onto your fat and lose the muscle you had when you were younger. Since our metabolism slows when we age, we start to gain weight.

When you get HCG Shots, you are providing your body with the hormone it needs to start burning fat. With a raise in HCG, the extra fat your body has been storing will be burned in order to give your body extra energy. You know that burned out feeling you get with dieting? With HCG, you won’t have that! Since HCG burns fat to make energy, you’ll be losing weight and feeling great! It’s the perfect solution for people who want to lose weight and keep it off, since it helps the body do both!

What is HCG?

HCG is the hormone women produce in the early stages of pregnancy, immediately following conception. HCG can start being produced as early as 11 days after conception.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, HCG production occurs throughout the pregnancy, with its highest levels being between weeks 8 and 11; levels of HCG begin to even out throughout the rest of the pregnancy and eventually disappears entirely.


HCG Injection Prices

$240 One Month Supply
  • Includes HCG
  • Includes Syringes

HCG Diet Plan

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HCG Informed Consent

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