The full scope of our services go beyond the physical and aesthetic treatment of your body. Mental and spiritual health and stress relief are just as important, because stress can affect your entire body negatively. The consequences of psychosomatics are well known to today's medicine. Psychosomatic problems occur when a psychological problem, manifests itself as a physical illness. For example, a peptic ulcer is known to be caused by stress. Even cardiovascular disorders can arise due to prolonged stress. Stress can easily impair our performance on daily tasks and overall is a troublesome experience. We aim to heal your body and your mind with Reiki.


Reiki is a holistic method of relaxation, stress relief and healing. It is a type of alternative medicine used around the world. Where general medical treatment has its limits, alternative medicine steps in. It originates from Japan. Its founder is a Japanese Buddhist named Mikao Usui, who derived the name of this technique from the Japanese words "rei" which stands for "spirit" and "ki" which stands for "life force, vital energy". The principles of Reiki are based on the concept of "chi", which is a universal life force, flowing through the universe and all living beings. It is said that a living being with a high amount of chi is likely to be happy and healthy. The treatments aim to increase one’s Chi and restore its natural flow.

ReikiReiki is versatile and applicable in many ways. Most commonly, the so-called "palm" or "hands-on" healing is used. Basically, the Reiki master uses hand movements and touches one’s body with soft palm contact in order to achieve pain relief and relaxation. The surroundings in which Reiki is performed are sound-isolated and peaceful, lit with candle light. Besides palm healing, various breathing techniques, meditation and physical exercises are used, and most people who tried Reiki massage report of feelings of intrinsic peace, relaxation, universal consciousness and the absence of stressful thoughts. While it is true that this treatment involves spiritual energy, it is not a religion and it has no dogmatic teachings.

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