Our Spa Team

Majestic Beauty Spa Team
Jamie Farnham RN

Jamie Farnham, RN

Jamie is a Registered Nurse and the founder of Majestic Beauty Spa.

She has been working as a nurse since 1996 and has multiple certifications including botox and fillers. Jamie works consults with a with a medical director for treatments and loves using the newest technology to help everyone finds their own beauty!

“Our philosophy is to treat the mind, body and soul through a combination of Western medicine and naturopathic treatments. My team works to help others look and feel their personal best at any age or stage in life. When you look and feel your best, your inner beauty shines through and becomes outwardly visible for everyone to see.”

Oksana Scott, Licensed Esthetician

Oksana Scott, LE

Oksana is a Licensed Esthetician.

“Being an esthetician allows me the opportunity to help people in a relaxing environment and offer a variety of services. Each day is a new day to enrich someone’s experience.”

Oksana has been practicing esthetics since 2013 after graduating from Steiner Institute of Esthetics in Phoenix, AZ. She is highly trained to work with multiple skincare lines and provide a variety of services including facials, waxing, chemical peels, dermaplaning and microblading. Oksana has also been a practicing Young Living Aromatherapist using techniques that she incorporates into selected esthetics services.

When she is not at work, Oksana enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with her family living in the beautiful community of Verrado.

Virgie Ponce, RN, BSN, CNN

Virgie Ponce, RN, BSN, CNN

Virgie Ponce, RN, BSN, CNN, Edna Valley Lavender Owner, Certified Essential Oils Coach, Aromatherapist

Ponce is a certified essential oils coach and aromatherapist whose gift for healing and health through aromatherapy was heightened by her own breast cancer diagnosis in 2014. Edna Valley Lavender is a farm nestled in the lush Central Coast of San Luis Obispo, California. Their essential oils are organic, wild crafted and farm sustained for the best life-enhancing therapy and experience.

Growing up, I was raised by my mother and grandmother using plants, herbs, essential oils and carrier oils for healing remedies and well-being. As long as I can remember, they would say that God created plants and herbs as nature’s way of healing. So they had their apothecary right from their home created from their oils, herbs and plants.

I have 64 years of Empirical knowledge of Aromatherapy as well as 40 years of nursing. My love and passion for Aromatherapy was enhanced when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 (by God’s grace, I am now a survivor). I have been gifted in blending oils for healing and health. Giving the gift of healing through Essential Oils comes naturally from my heart.

As a Coach, I provide individualized and tailored use of Essential Oils. My approach is holistic, including physical, spiritual and emotional realms. Aromatherapy for home, health, healing, yoga, meditation, spiritual enhancement (the list is endless), is available through coaching.

Our Essential Oils are Organic, Wild Crafted and/or farm sustained of HIGHEST THERAPEUTIC VALUE for the best life-enhancing therapy and experience.

Edna Valley Lavender is a small farm that grows its own lavender nestled in the “lush” Central Coast EDNA VALLEY in San Luis Obispo, California. Lavender grows with a high therapeutic value here since we have a Mediterranean climate and great soil, making it fabulous!

Maria LaMarca

Maria LaMarca

Maria LaMarca recently retired from the medical field after 30+ years of caring for patients with gentleness and compassion. During this time she became interested in alternative forms of healing, such as Reiki, herbal remedies, aromatherapy and in the healing powers of crystals and gemstones. Through the years she has created numerous beautiful treasures for those near and dear with thoughts of wellness and peace. Now you can experience Maria’s love of all that is beautiful as she has been inspired to create Sparkle by LaMarca... an eclectic assortment of unique creations for you to enjoy and share with your loved ones.